Eggcellent mics

Hello and welcome to our weekly microphone posts. Astra hopes you all had a great Easter but now its time to get back to work. This week, inspired by all things egg related, we are going to focus on a couple of egg shaped mics! The EV N/D308 and N/D408. The N/D308 is another microphone......

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A mic or not a mic?

The eagle eyed amount you would have noticed a lack of posts last week. This was due to the shock of having a job to go to! However, this week we will endeavour a double post to satisfy your microphone information needs Having recently talked about condenser microphones it feels appropriate to continue with one......

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Are you Shure?

In our post last week we discussed the iconic D12 and the reliable D112. Next up is an unusual kick drum mic, the Shure SM91.  Its flat design points to its original purpose as a conference mic. This mic is a directional boundary microphone which is different to every other mic we’ve covered. A small......

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Kick start


Hello again and welcome to our weekly look at Astra’s microphone list.  I think its fair to say that after the vocals, the next most important part of a band mix is the kick drum. Theres something ever so satisfying about feeling that thump in your chest. Also, it gives a solid base to build......

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Quality comes in 400’s

Sennheiser, the 421

This week on “what mics has Astra got” we come to two more special mics; the Sennheiser 441 and 421.  It would be easy to get bogged down with raving about how good these mics are, the 441 is probably the finest dynamic mic ever made. Having spent the first week telling you fine people......

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