Touchy Feely

At the time of writing we are currently preparing for our first gig since lockdown restrictions started to ease. This is all very exciting and also coincides with what may be one of our last microphone posts. With that in mind heres something that you won’t have seen before, the AKG C411. Strictly speaking this......

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Welcome again everyone to our weekly look into the Astra Sound microphone cupboard. Along with our collection of microphones we also have plenty of DI boxes which we store there. Over the years many people have asked what a DI box does so we will try and explain whilst highlighting some of our own. Meaning......

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Shurely this is Beta

Hello and welcome to this weeks look at the Astra microphone cupboard of wonders. Out of the dusty depths for this Friday we have the Shure Beta87a. Used primarily as a vocal mic, this condenser takes the sound of an sm58 and takes everything up a level. The beta87 was designed with vocals in mind......

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