Quality comes in 400’s

Sennheiser, the 421

This week on “what mics has Astra got” we come to two more special mics; the Sennheiser 441 and 421.  It would be easy to get bogged down with raving about how good these mics are, the 441 is probably the finest dynamic mic ever made. Having spent the first week telling you fine people......

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So you think you’re a guitarist?

Sennheiser e609

Hopefully you are all now fully aware of how this works. Each week we will be featuring another of the mics in our collection and giving you a little information along with our opinions on them. Since its release the SM57 was the standard mic for guitar cabs in studio and live work. With the......

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Beta content?

Sure Beta 58, Beta 57

Next on our list of microphones follows on nicely from our previous post and are the Sure Beta58 and Sure Beta57. First off, Beta DOES NOT MEAN BETTER! This is such a common discussion but it shows a complete misunderstanding.  The first fundamental difference between an SM58 and Beta58 is the polar response pattern. Simply......

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New Year, New Content!

Sure sm58, sm57

2021 is upon us and as part of the new year, we at Astra will be outputting some new, original content to hopefully inform and entertain all of you as we head into a new decade. During lockdown we have completed work on our new office which we will use as an excuse to sort......

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