Kick start


Hello again and welcome to our weekly look at Astra’s microphone list.  I think its fair to say that after the vocals, the next most important part of a band mix is the kick drum. Theres something ever so satisfying about feeling that thump in your chest. Also, it gives a solid base to build......

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Condensed reading

Since we started these posts we have only featured dynamic mics. This week is the turn of our first condenser mic, pulled at random, the AKG C535 EB. This is an unusual post to write as this is not a mic we use very often. However with our industry on hold for nearly a year......

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A hidden gem

Welcome everyone to another Friday and a delve into the Astra mic collection.  This week, a mic that we should use more often, the Beyerdynamic M88. Although it looks similar to a Sure sm58 this is very different. A hypercardiod polar response pattern makes it very directional and very good at rejecting feedback. As any......

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Hearing and listening. You’re doing it wrong.

Graham Audio System3D

Whats your favourite song? Lets face it, everyone has either asked or been asked this question. For some the answer is probably on repeat as the sound track to your life. For others this can lead to an existential crisis as you attempt to narrow down the entire history of music, cross reference this with......

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Here’s a little clip!

After telling you that last week the Sennheiser 421 is the “go to” mic for toms in the studio, perhaps its time for our “go to” live option; the Sennheiser e604. We actually have a mixture of 604 and 504s. The subtle difference being a silver or black grill and a different clip but essentially......

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